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 Aslan quest guide

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PostSubject: Aslan quest guide   Wed Oct 10, 2012 7:15 am

Epic Quest: [Bloody Demon Sword]
Search for the Legendary Sword - lv 20 [1.001XP/100TP/975Gold] - Go to Aslan Valley and find the biologist Gudisen.
Mysteries of the Mine - lv 20 [965XP/96TP/967Gold] - Search for clues about the legendary sword in the Derelict Mine. It may be a scroll or text of some sort. Return to Gudisen.
Looking for a Retired Soldier - lv 20 [1.001XP/100TP/975Gold] - Take Lajos Halka's Manuscript and Ancient Documents - First half to Hunters Camp and look for a retired mercenary of the Order of Dark Glory called Sheetreg.
Epic Quest: [The Seductive Dark Pearl ]
Auskor Fal's Introduction Letter - lv 20 [701XP/70TP/682Gold] - Take the Ancient Text and the Letter of Introduction that Auskor Fal gave you towards Aslan Valley and look for Brandy Manlin at the Qilana Camp.
Sacrificial Chalice - lv 20 [1.504XP/150TP/1.082Gold] - Go to the Sacrificial Mound at the side of a small lake in Woodland of Qilana, find the Sacrificial Chalice, and then give it to Roland Ebon at the Hunters Camp.
1.Safety of the Camp [1.101XP/110TP/0Gold] - Help Ottade of Qilana Camp by killing 8 Valley Marauder and 8 Valley Scavenger near the camp.
2.Holy Tribal Object[1.502XP/150TP/1.951Gold] - Help Ottade, supply merchant of Qilana Camp, retrieve the Qilana Elder Skull.
3.Qilana Holy Stone [1.502XP/150TP/1.951Gold] - Bring back 8 Qilana Holy Stone from the Valley Stinker.
4.Scholar in Qilana [741XP/74TP/975Gold] - Give the book "Journey of Little Hound" to Gudisen in the Woodland of Qilana of Aslan Valley.
5.Investigating the Source [1.502XP/150TP/1.951Gold] - Go to the Derelict Mine and look for clues regarding the Valley Dwarves.
6.Report Back [1.502XP/150TP/1.951Gold] - Find Simone in Qilana Camp and tell her about the clues you discovered.
7.Green-spotted Fungus Investigation [1.502XP/150TP/1.951Gold] - Gather 12 Green-spotted Fungus Spore and give them to Gudisen, a biologist in Qilana Camp.
8.Aslan Hairy Frog Investigation [1.959XP/195TP/2.011Gold] - Help Gudisen in Qilana Camp bring back 20 Hairy Frog Eyeball.
9.Recovered Cooking Tools [1.959XP/195TP/2.011Gold] - Obtain 20 Kirolo's Cooking Tool from Valley Slob and Valley Scavenger and give them to Kirolo in Qilana Camp.
10.Spring Water Sample [965XP/96TP/1.0031Gold] - Help Gudisen of Qilana Camp collect a sample of spring water at the waterfall by the bridge nearby using Collection Bottle # 1.
11.Eliminating the Disturbance [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] - Eliminate 20 Green Spotted Fungus so that tailoring apprentice Cors Blake will not be disturbed.
12.Mysterious Mushrooms [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] - Help Nadaseez gather 20 dark blue Mysterious Mushroom. They are dark blue with orange spots.
13.Recipe for Destruction [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] - Take 12 Soaked Hairy Frog and put them inside a Place to bury an item of the Valley Dwarves. Eliminate the Green Spotted Fungus Guard.
14.Investigate the Demon mane Boars [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] -Go to Bloodhound Mountain, gather 20 Demon mane Boar Tusk and give them to Gudisen, a biologist in the Qilana Camp.
15.Polluted Dew Sample [1.113XP/111TP/1.083Gold] - Help Gudisen of Qilana Camp collect a dew sample with Collection Bottle # 2 near the Black Tree.
16.Tools of Attraction [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] - Defeat Aslan Hairy Frog and obtain 12 Cold Hairy Frog Body. Take them to Simone.
17.Recipe for Destruction [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] - Take 12 Soaked Hairy Frog and put them inside a Place to bury an item of the Valley Dwarves. Eliminate the Green Spotted Fungus Guard.
18.Shanjana's Decision [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] - Tell Nadaseez what Shanjana said, and give him their Mum's Necklace.
19.Black Tree [1.113XP/111TP/1.082Gold] - There is a strange Black Tree in the Woodlands of Qilana. Maybe Simone in the Qilana Research Camp knows something about it.
20.Holy Flower [2.256XP/225TP/2.165Gold] - Obtain Holy Flower from a Valley Slob or Valley Stinker and bring it back to Simone in the Qilana Research Camp.
21.Healing [1.113XP/111TP/1.082Gold] - Go to the Qilana Research Camp, place the Potion Prepared by Simone in the distillation flask, inhale the distilled gas, and then report back to Simone.
22.Shaman's Diagnosis [1.113XP/111TP/1.083Gold] - Go to the south of Silverfall and ask Shaman Eno for a diagnosis.
23.Anteater Investigation [2.641XP/264TP/2.197Gold] - Gather 20 Anteater Scale and give them to Gudisen, a biologist in Qilana Camp.
24.Lake Qilana Water Sample [1.303XP/130TP/1.098Gold] - Help Gudisen of Qilana Camp collect a sample of Lake Qilana water using the Collection Bottle # 3.
25.Spring Water Sample of the Upper Reaches [1.525XP/150TP/1.109Gold] - Help Gudisen of Qilana Camp by going to Silverfall and collecting a spring water sample with Collection Bottle # 4 from near the great waterfall.
26.Vahtos' Apprentice's Test [2.001XP/200TP/0Gold] -Go to the lake between the Derelict Mine and the Goblin Village and find the dragonfly-like creature. After you learn some of its attributes, report back to Aida Norley.(This is a group quest, good luck!)
27.The Monster's Weakness [3.0925XP/309TP/0Gold] - Go for Silverspring and gather 4 Thin Wings of a Dragonfly and 8 Colorful Ostrich Feather. Then go for the Derelict Mine and get 12 portions of Green-spotted Fungus Powder, and bring them to Aida Norley.
28.Crazy Kiosade [6.0925XP/609TP/3.043Gold] - Use the Blue Potion given to you by the Aida Norley on Crazy Kiosade when its shell changes. After you have defeated it, report back to Aida Norley.
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Aslan quest guide
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